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My Thoughts on Gays and Chik-Fil-A

There’s been a lot of news going on around about Chik-Fil-A lately. Recently, President of Chik-Fil-A Dan Cathy was publicly quoted saying that he - and through an extension of his power, his company - firmly stands with and believes in the “biblical definition of the family unit”. This has created an air of homophobia along with protests surrounding the company, raising hell and causing controversy with liberal crowds and other supporters of the gay community. 

I’ve been asked how I feel about this a few times, and now that I’ve sat down to seriously think about it (especially since I’ve never openly/publicly adressed my views on homosexuality)… This is what I have to say.

1. An individual is entitled to his or her beliefs. Gay, straight, christian, hindu. It’s in the constitution. This goes for the heads of major companys, too. That being said, if my favorite resteraunt decided to one day put up a sign that said “No niggers served”… I think I might turn and find some other place to eat. Open descrimination against any relatively large demographic is just bad business. That’s the practical side of it. 

A company can represent itself in any way it sees fit, but associating with dated views and opinions is a tactical error at best. 

That probably made a few of you uncomfortable and or upset, but this is where I stand: Fundamental Christianity is dated and absurd and anyone who wants to challange that and the things Leaders of The Human Race have done in the name OF it… well, I invite that person to study up on the Spanish Inquisition. 

(sigh)… oh, the good ol’ days of being brutally tortured for your beliefs in the name of our Lord and Saviour…

This is where point 1 ends. The short of it, in case you didn’t catch it is this: Freedom of speech and belief is GREAT. It is a VERY GOOD THING. But if I ran a company like chik-fil-a… I’d be more concerned about my quarterly income reports than my own personal beliefs because… well… ‘merica.

Captialism. Chick-Fil-A… you’re doing it wrong.

2. Point two is my final point and it ties in directly with point one yet has nothing to do with capitalism and everything to do with freedom of speech and belief. How so? Well… Because where Mr. Cathy believes that a christian marriage is to be held solely between a man and a woman… I am inclined to agree.




…let me explain.

THE ORIGIN OF MARRIAGE (a brief overview): our best anthropoligical studies date the origins of marriage back some 4.5 thousand years ago (but the bible says - ) (shut up). Back then it had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with hunter/gatherers being able to identify their biological heirs with certainty. Through marriage, a woman became a mans property. HOLD OFF ON THE BRA-BURNINGS, FEMENISTS! 

Sooner or later, religious institutions took over and bound man and woman under “God” for the next few thousand years. Women were still basically a man’s property, though, sooo…

That didn’t really change up until the 1960’s, though, and only here in the US along with other “westernized” societies. Then feminism had it’s hay-day and equality is just now on the rise as a popular idea.

NOW FOR THE ACTUAL POINT: churches of all shapes and sizes, relating to any given major religion, have been around for hundreds if not THOUSANDS of years. We, in this country, are given the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to decide if we as individuals want to associate ourselves with any one of this institutions.

Now tell me: Who are you or any other protester to go and uproot and change a system that set its own rules that have been in place for centuries?

DON’T LIKE IT? LEAVE IT. It’s really that easy. Because if the people you want to be married under don’t accept you… why fight it? Are you the person in the abusive relationship who insists on sticking around despite the beatings being given to you? If you stick around long enough maybe the church will change, right?

NO. Go and find people who accept you, and fuck the bigots and let them stay in the dark ages if that’s what they want. That is their right, as it is yours to evolve and move on with society.

DON’T GET ME WRONG. I LOVE THE GAYS. Not with my body, mind you, but certainly with my heart and mind. AND GAYS ARE ALLOWED TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Let me remind you all of that. Homosexuality is NOT illegal.

SO: do I believe that gays should be allowed to be married? By the standard definition? No.


I do, however, firmly believe that gay couples are as worthy of being LEGALLY bound to one another as hetero couples. I believe the federal government should allow gay couples to be bound and united civilly, and that they should be awarded the same tax and healthcare benefits as any hetero couple might be. I believe that they should be allowed to adopt without running into issues based on any prejudice and/or homophobia. I believe gay couples are more than capable of raising healthy, intelligent, talanted, inspiring young humans, gay and hetero alike.

Being a hetero couple has failed to stop many from birthing gay babies, so screw off with that archaic logic.

In summation: Chik-Fil-A and Mr. Cathy are invited by me personally to enjoy their freedom of expression as well as their drop in revenue. I like KFC just as well.

Nobody has the right to force beliefs on another, nor are free Americans required to listen to him when he tries.

Nobody has the right to tell an established, albeit ancient, archaic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, fear-mongering institution to change its laws to suit special interest groups, especially if said groups have a choice in associating with said institution.

And NOBODY should have the right to discriminate against another human and deny him or her benefits simply because he or she loves differently, if not better, than the majority.





THEY’RE the ones who keep making gay babies!